How Telemedicine Changed Healthcare…and What’s Next


Michael Gorton
Founder – Teladoc


7:15 am – 9:15 am


Clubs of Prestonwood – The Creek
15909 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75248

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  • Disruptive Innovation
  • What Kept the Telemedicine Pioneers up at Night
  • Choose your Battle, don’t let it choose you
  • Taking the NASA approach to Failure
  • What’s next in Healthcare
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Michael Gorton
Founder – Teladoc

Gorton was the founding CEO and Chairman of Teladoc.[7] Gorton is often credited with being one of the founders of the quarter million dollar telemedicine and digital health industry.[8]

His entrepreneurial career arose him founded Internet Global which produced the first DSL network and one of the world’s first VOIP networks. Gorton began his career with Dallas Power and Light and Texas Utilities as project engineer.[9]

Gorton is the CEO of Back To Space, LLC (B2S), a company which is purposely built for a critical mission of inspiration, ROI and taking the next generations to new frontiers. It is building a Guinness Book of world records Lunar Landscape Experience with Augmented and Virtual Reality, producing a weekly space news flash and developing a TV show that has enlisted renown executive producers.

Gorton holds BS in Engineering and Physics from the University of Texas. He then obtained an MS in physics from the University of Texas at Dallas. Gorton also studied law and holds a Juris Doctorate from Texas A&M University.