Jim Whiddon

For over thirty years, Jim Whiddon spent his career in the financial services industry. As an accomplished business owner, wealth advisor, and national thought leader he authored three books: There for the Taking, Wealth Without Worry and The Investing Revolutionaries.

Whiddon has been quoted by national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC and Fortune magazine– and hosted a daily radio show on CNN Headline News in Dallas. His work has been published in over 250 newspapers across the country.

In working with hundreds of families over the years, Whiddon emphasized how to successfully invest financial capital. But this experience only highlighted an even greater worry which went beyond money – the well-being of their children and their grandchildren.

Impassioned with this mission, Whiddon sold his highly successful firm in 2013, and read over 400 books to mine the nuggets of wisdom to include in his fourth book, The Old School Advantage: Timeless Tools for Every Generation. As a father of four millennials, he felt compelled to invest in something of even greater value, social capital – the “how to” of life. By putting stock into developing communication skills, leadership qualities, and most of all – wisdom: parents can leave a legacy of equipping their kids and their grandkids that allows them to not only properly manage a financial inheritance – but to also lead a balanced life of virtue and significance.

A voracious reader and avid sports enthusiast, Whiddon enjoys speaking to corporate personnel, parents and students on how to “live old-school” in life and in business. As a member of the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M, Whiddon earned his bachelor’s degree and then a Master of Science degree from The American College in Philadelphia. He and his wife Nizie reside in the Dallas area, and are one bird away from an empty nest!

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