Rick Hopper – Shark Tank Revealed

Rick Hopper comes from humble beginnings with memories of the smell of Bologna and mustard sandwiches in a paper lunch sack, the sound of that same paper bag swinging on the handlebars in the wind as he raced to school on the bike his parents bought for him for Christmas at a garage sale.

Rick was shy yet creative as a boy who was surrounded by two brothers, one year older and the other one year younger.

No time or money for college, so off to work he went in the construction trades where he earned a good enough living to feed a young family and live indoors.

His stories of defeat and success will keep you on the edge of your seat.

From the humblest of living conditions to a couple of highly successful business ventures, One of Rick’s greatest moments was his appearance on the hit show Shark Tank.


Somehow, Rick has mastered the art of recognizing simple solutions to annoying problems that plague the average human.