Jeffrey S. Coons, PhD, CFA®

Jeffrey S. Coons is the President of Manning & Napier. As President, Dr. Coons’ responsibilities include working closely with our CEO, Patrick Cunningham, on strategic initiatives for the firm, as well as having direct oversight of several areas within the firm, such as our Operations and Client Analytics departments. He is also a member of the Senior Research Group, which is responsible for overseeing the firm’s investment disciplines and policies, such as our pricing disciplines.

Dr. Coons began his career at Manning & Napier in 1985 and served the firm as an Equity Analyst and coordinator of the equity investment process. In 1990, he began his doctoral studies in Economics at Temple University. His doctoral thesis examined a microeconomic model of returns and risk in financial markets. While completing his doctoral studies, Dr. Coons was a Fixed Income Portfolio Manager for Turner Investment Partners in Philadelphia, PA. In 1993, Dr. Coons returned to Manning & Napier to provide advanced quantitative tools to the risk management area of the firm. He graduated with distinction from the University of Rochester with a BA in Economics and is a CFA® charterholder.