George Brody

After retiring recently from corporate life subsequent to a 43-year career that included 26 years of Big Company life mixed in with an exciting 17-year entrepreneurial journey, George is currently spending his time giving back to the community by being active in regional initiatives with a technology slant such as the US IGNITE program. Prior to that, as Founder, President and CEO of GlobeRanger, George was responsible for guiding the company through its integration phase and global growth following its acquisition by Fujitsu in May 2014. George’s vision of the ‘enterprise edge’, born out of his pioneering work in the wireless world, is the foundation of GlobeRanger’s market leading iMotion platform. Prior to co-founding GlobeRanger in 1999, Brody served as Vice President and General Manager of Nortel Networks’ Wireless Network Solutions division where he managed a series of entrepreneurial start-ups including Satellite Network Solutions, Wireless Intelligent Networks and Wireless New Business Ventures, a business incubator. During his tenure at Nortel, as Vice President of Wireless Technology, Brody was responsible for its global wireless product development programs and the management of the Bell Northern Research Labs in Richardson, a world-class research and development organization that employed more than 2,500 professionals.

Brody holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He also earned master’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of New Brunswick, Canada. He is a member of the advisory council for the School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas and serves on the board of directors of the Texas –based Tech Titans and was also the Chairman of MobME Wireless Pvt Ltd, an exciting Wireless technology venture, based in Cochin, India for over seven years. Brody is a holder of several patents in the area of Wireless Networks and is a Charter Member of TiE. His current professional interests lie in the areas of entrepreneurship and the creation of new ventures at the intersection of wireless technology with medical and enterprise applications. Brody lives in Richardson, Texas with his wife Fonsa.