Designing Genius – Understanding Genius Living


Amilya M. Antonetti
CEO, Strategist & Human Behavior Genius


7:00 am – 9:00 am


Clubs of Prestonwood – The Creek
15909 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX 75248

And via ZOOM

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“People Tools” to solve “People Problems” with quick, easy and transformational behavior

  • Real-time interactive demonstrations with a leading Amilya
  • Understand who you are:
  •  Once you KNOW, you cannot UNKNOW
  • Stop collecting “likes” and start building your Genius life
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Amilya M. Antonetti
CEO, Strategist & Human Behavior Geniu

IMAGINE living your life knowing exactly what makes you your best self. Imagine a life built on fulfilling choices that you made because you know what makes you feel great, what makes you be great, what makes you do great things in this world.

KNOWING your inner genius frees you from doubt and paralyzing self judgment. Knowing your inner genius frees you to reach that new milestone in your profession, to be a better partner, attract better relationships, and let go of all that doesn’t fulfill you. Here’s where it gets so good… when you live freely as your best self, you bring out the best in others. My 33 years as a Human Behaviorist has shown the key to living your Genius Life is self-knowledge and with this knowledge you can do anything you want.

YOU can now, build an all-star company, create products that attract a rabid fan base, grow profit margins, lead more effectively, rise as the one to watch in your industry.