Perspectives – Cynthia Wildridge

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The single most defining aspect of any group, organization, or collective body is the unique quality and character of its individual members.

[zilla_one_half]That Success North Dallas is an extraordinary group is therefore no surprise, given its requirements for membership:

1. You must be a success in your own eyes,
2. You must honor your commitments, and
3. You must be a giver.

This criterion was defined with a vision, as success breeds success. Just as any musician performs at a superior level when accompanying musicians of exceptional caliber, the collective abilities of articulate, intelligent, forward-thinking individuals, committed to causes greater than themselves, know no limits.

You feel it when you walk into the room. Success North Dallas is distinguished by friendships and long-standing professional associations built on mutual respect and admiration. Members of this group invest themselves in others. One senses a depth and sincerity all too rare in 21st century business interchanges.

The guest speakers at the monthly meetings hold themselves to the same standards. Often luminary figures who have distinguished themselves in commercial, academic, political, or social realms, capable of commanding thousands of dollars per speaking engagement, they have each honored the Success North Dallas tradition in agreeing to speak without compensation. They, too, are givers who live their belief systems.[/zilla_one_half] [zilla_one_half_last]I witnessed this generosity first-hand at a recent meeting when Jere Thompson (guest of honor, featured speaker, and founder and CEO of CapRock Communication) stood, smiled, and extended his hand to me, introducing himself as I joined him at the table. It was completely spontaneous, a natural extension of his personality. I don’t image he had any idea how that single gesture so exemplified the values he embraces, nor of how honored he made me feel. His actions came from the heart.

These are true leaders, ones you dream to have as mentors, ones who teach when they don’t know they are teaching.

Beyond the education, the business partnerships, friendships, and mentors Success North Dallas has provided, one of the most meaningful aspects of my membership in this group is the opportunity it gives me to interact with individuals for whom I have such respect. It is an affirmation to see that the principles of honor, integrity, compassion, and social responsibility have been instrumental in the achievements of these leaders. As one who has often taken the road less traveled, who hopes to make a true contribution to the work, I leap at the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of such giants.

– C.S. Wildridge[/zilla_one_half_last]