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October 2017
Michael Sonnenfeldt
Think BIGGER: and 39 Other Winning Strategies from Successful Entrepreneurs.
September 2017
Jim H. Amos, Jr.
An Attitude of Excellence (Treatise on leadership)
July 2017
State of our City - Today and Tomorrow
April 2017
Jill Schiefelbein
Dynamic Communication: Video, Podcasting, Livestreaming and What's Next
January 2017
Jacki Pick
Energy, Activism and the United States Economy
November 2016
Craig and Kathryn Hall
"A Perfect Score" - The Art, Soul , and Business of a 21st Century Winery
September 2016
Jim Whiddon
"The Old School is The New School"
April 2016
George Brody
Riding the Tech Wave in North Texas

Additional Past Speakers

Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General
Backing our First Responders ~ Local, State and Federal
Tom Class, Special Agent in Charge Dallas Field Office Federal Bureau of Investigation
"Our Nation's Security"
Shama Hyder, CEO - The Marketing Zen Group
Social Media - How The World Sees You
David Smith, President, SocialCare
The Future Paradigm Shift of the Cloud and Big Data
Richard Bowen, "Citigroup Whistleblower"
Prosecuting Wall Street
Lt. Col. Allen West, President / CEO National Center for Policy Analysis
Exceptionalism and Entrepreneurship into the Next Generation